"I have been receiving care from Dr. Asefi for over a year and have been impressed with his ability to accurately diagnose and appropriately treat my concerns. I have found that his assessments are very complete and his treatments have been able to provide me relief with multiple issues, beyond what I was able to obtain from a medical stand point. Rather than simply treating the pain he treats the cause of the pain.
He is excellent about educating me about the problem as well as his treatment plan. He has been great with scheduling my appointments quickly and shows a genuine concern for his patients. Through his care I have been able to continue the active lifestyle I enjoy."
"I have chosen to be a patient of Dr. Asefi's from the start for many reasons. He dedicates the time necessary to help each patient get well on an individualized basis. I have suffered from headaches for years and Dr. Asefi has not only helped to take away my pain, but helped me to understand why they were occurring in the first place! I always feel a million times better after his adjustments and would definitely recommend Dr. Asefi to anyone I know!"
"Recently, I saw Dr. Asefi for severe hip pain that woke me up at night for years. I had resigned myself to just living with the pain. Dr. Asefi came to my home, working around my incredibly busy schedule. With a thorough examination, he was able to diagnose the CAUSE of my pain!
Dr. Asefi offered excellent chiropractic care, and also educated me on the exercises I needed to do to prevent the pain from coming back. After one visit, I had a 90% reduction in pain and have never again been woken up by pain. Not once!
I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Asefi as my "house call chiropractor." I want everyone to know about Elite Advantage Chiropractic and Dr. Asefi."
"I had suffered from neck pain and instability for a long time. Years ago, I went to a chiropractor and my neck pain only got worse. After going to a second session and leaving in so much pain, I swore I would never go back to a chiropractor again. Years later, I met Dr. Asefi through a mutual friend while he was an intern at Palmer. With some convincing, I chose to give chiropractic care another chance and decided to make an appointment with him. I felt very comfortable under Dr. Asefi's care from the very beginning. He was so gentle and made sure I knew exactly what he was doing and why he was doing it. His care was so different from my previous experiences, and after the first day I could feel a huge difference in my range of motion. I walked out of the clinic with significantly decreased pain and a new understanding of chiropractic care. I believe in Dr. Asefi's care because it is so different from the stereotypical chiropractor. He approaches care from all angles, including strength training, exercises to be done at home, muscle work, and adjustments. Dr. Asefi made me believe in chiropractic care and I will never go to anyone else."
"I would like to give you my impressions and thoughts about Dr. Milad Asefi, who was assigned to me for his clinical internship year at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Asefi is among the top 2% of students I have ever supervised in my 20+ years as a staff doctor at Palmer. He has a unique combination of clinical skills, interpersonal skills, compassion, and maturity beyond his years, which combine to yield a singularly wonderful doctor of chiropractic whose patients adore him. In fact, Milad is the only intern I have ever encouraged patients to follow upon graduation, in effect giving my own patients to him---because they have become so attached to him, and I know they will continue to receive extraordinary care with someone whom they trust, respect, and love.
I have had the privilege of having Dr. Asefi come into my home and my life to help me with community projects I am involved with. His compassion and generosity with his time and energy speak to the sort of person he is, and I would trust him beyond a shred of doubt in any and every situation. Dr. Asefi is a man of his word and an excellent chiropractic physician whose primary concern is his patients’ well-being and progress. I recommend him with the highest regard!" 
-Virginia A. Barber, D.C.
"I first started seeing Dr. Asefi for pelvic pain and after each adjustment I felt a very big difference. I have seen many other chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Asefi was very thorough and always knew how to adjust my pelvis in a way that really made a difference. My low back pain also improved after the adjustments. Dr. Asefi is not your typical chiropractor, he will take a lot of time with you to make sure he is really addressing all of your problems. I highly recommend Dr. Asefi."

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